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this is going to be me

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Not me i just found this and thought this would be funny for ya to know

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*binders being put away more quietly*

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Narcs always trying to get a reaction, whether it be from being rude, condescending, sarcastic, mean, or whatever.....

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Don't think about how she wants to be pranked just once more by Fred, wants eager Colin back for just one more class, one more day with the Marauders in detention, one more time seeing flaming pink hair in the back of the class. Just one more time. But she won't get it and that's why I want to cry.

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Prince Wang So Scarlet Heart<<< not to be rude thats the goblin not scarlet heart.-.-

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If a girl doesn't accept your complement, she's not being rude. It means she doesn't get them often and doesn't know how to react.

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Teaching Children Not to Be Rude!

Toothpaste Squirt Lesson for teaching kids not to be rude and put down others....OMG I did this on the first day of school and it really stuck with the kids

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melanie with long hairs<<<<I don't mean to be rude but........ "Long hairs" I laughed way too hard

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