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To Be Fair

To Be Fair, There Are No Action Figures of My Neighbor

To be fair, that is what you do. hee hee

Lots of speculation, but to be fair this outline is most likely a battery and cord for the microphone, etc.

Black & white lion staring at you from shadows. If you expect the world to…


To Be Fair, it Was a Tuesday Night.

To be fair I'm half asleep when it happens.

Changed description of PP's video: "I tried all I could to be fair to everyone" (continuation of the "Before she changed the description..." pin by AnnabelLee). Gaslighting and rewriting history.

from BBC News

Puppet experiment suggests humans are born to be fair

¿Juego de niños?: El sentido de la justicia es un valor que emerge insospechadamente en las más tempranas edades, según demuestran nuevas evidencias científicas

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Fairness Mini Curriculum {Halloween Theme & Some Halloween Examples}

Fairness Mini Curriculum {Halloween Theme & Some Halloween Examples} Great curriculum that also helps to explain how to be fair in several places, activities to practice, what to do when things are fair, and how to be fair on Halloween!