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This season will kill me.<< this season will kill us all. Not long to wait now. Our demons are calling evermore...

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To be fair, I'd be pretty stressed too if two trusted allies went crazy, all my friends were killed, my way of life destroyed, children murdered, and I needed to go into hiding on a godforsaken planet in order to survive...

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Sherlock S04 E01 "The Six Thatchers". Season 4.

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Fair point....I have to be nice to people all the time.I work at a hospital. It is my Job. If you are paid to be there shush and do it or work in another venue.

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"2016 is the Voldemort of years. Because after it's over it'll be only referred to as the year that shall not be named. "

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Display Stand - 3 shelf version - flat pack - ideal for craft fairs! Can be customised

Flat packing display stand - ideal for craft fairs or shop displays. This stand was designed to display glass coasters & signs but could be used for a variety of items, including cards, jewellery, pictures and ceramics. The stand consists of three shelves, two ends & one back support making it very compact for transportation and also very quick and easy to assemble. The three shelves each have a 1.25cm raised edge to prevent items from sliding. This also acts as a strengthening device to

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A Science Fair Project on Tooth Decay

Science fair projects can be tedious. Most experiments require a lot of hard work and expensive materials. Try a simpler experiment that is still impressive. Doing an experiment on tooth decay is both beneficial and interesting. It only requires a few inexpensive materials and a week's worth of observation and record keeping. The experiment...

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Black & white lion staring at you from shadows. If you expect the world to…

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Gotta like this guy. Maybe he's free to be president?

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Well to be fair Alex killed him within the confines of the hotel to prevent him from suffering a more painful death by dragon

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