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The last speaker of an ancient language in India's Andaman Islands has died. Boa Sr remained the last Bo speaker for at least 30 years. It is generally believed that all Andamanese languages might be the last representatives of those languages which go back to pre-Neolithic times. The Andamanese are believed to be among our earliest ancestors. The extinction of the Bo language means that a unique part of human society is now just a memory.


The History of Hindu India, from Himalayan Academy, see this essay in Huffington Post about the video.


I want this!! "Emeralds for Elephants." Love Ethical Mining here: and here: #finejewellery #heirloom #elephants


Two Children, One Rich, One Poor, Gasping for Air in Delhi’s Smog

How two families at opposite ends of the economic spectrum were affected when a suffocating cloud of pollution settled over Delhi this month. (2016-11-23 NYTimes)


The original treehuggers were Indian women in the Chipko movement protecting the destruction of their village and livelihood--the trees. Wild Women are wise medicine women, they are the connection between nature and people, ambassadors of the earthen spirit, who can hear Mother Earth breathing. The Wild Woman's medicine and teachings are needed in this world to restore balance. Balance for every woman and man, balance in our children and balance on the earth. It is time to rewild with your…