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A Quiet Time Activity Great For All Ages


How to Make Time Slow Down by Changing Our Perception

The science of time perception: stop it slipping away by doing new things - - The Buffer Blog


Who's in Charge? Putting Authority Back into the Hands of Parents

Who's in Charge? 5 way you may be compromising your own authority as a parent. Infographic linked to full post. | Mom but not a Mom


berlin-based studio fredrik skåtar has developed a 'vibration mirror'. the sculpture materializes a shape that constantly occurs in nature, however it cannot be seen because of perception of time and motion. in this project, the movement of water has been frozen and carved out as a sculpture to create a unique reflective composition


Romance Writing Prompts-November 2016-Day after day, year after year he said nothing of his affections. I am in love with you, he whispered to the headstone before him.


Always Late?! ADHD-Tested Strategies to Improve Your Sense of Time

People with attention deficit experience time differently — and lose track of it easily. Structure and strategies can help you become the man (or woman) of the hour.


Bean bag games for higher learning development

Bean Bag Activities for Higher Learning Development Each exercise targets many different areas of the brain and the body at the same time for better balance and coordination, attention and focus, tracking, hand-eye coordination, visual perception, sensory integration, proprioception and crossing the midline. All of these skills are important to develop when children are young to enhance their reading ability, comprehension, handwriting, spelling, retention and focus in the classroom.