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LEGO Time Management Technique

Use LEGO to teach boys time management. Brilliant! This is so easy and is great for helping boys learn about time, have easier transitions between activities, help them in their homeschooling by keeping track of the time they spend on specific activities and more.

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Free Homeschool Time Management Printables for Kids

I like this idea. Maybe allow Bridget to choose the order we'll do things every day. I don't need the clock right now but maybe on a small pocket chart? Homeschool Scheduling Keeping Kids on Track {Free Printable Schedule System}

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5 Pressing Issues For Solopreneurs In 2016 And How To Deal With Them [Infographic]

With so much time poorly spent in daily activities, what can solopreneurs do to overcome these 5 most pressing issues in 2016 and lead a happy healthy life?

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Lousy Real Estate Time Management

Lousy Real Estate Time Management: Allowing Non-critical Interruptions of Your Planned Activities