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30 minute technology tickets and rules (I personally think 7 hours a week is a lot so would probably revamp that when our kids start watching TV someday)

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STEM Activity Challenge Build a Water Slide

What a fabulous STEM project for summertime or back to school time or any time! Kids are building water slides and testing them!

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4 Ways To Limit Kids' Screen Time

Negotiating and Earning Screen Time. Great idea. Still need to work through the details of how I want to use this. I'd love to have them use reading/writing to earn screen time.

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10 of the best movement and action songs!

Need the perfect song for active children? These are some of the best movement and action songs. They're great for circle time songs or as an indoor activity on a bad weather day. These preschool songs and kindergarten songs are sure to be loved for years!

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Anxiety Disorders In Children: When Emotion Grows Into Evil

5 Types And 9 Ways To Deal With Anxiety In Children: Your children can be prone to more than one type of disorder at the same time. Listed below are few types of commonly seen anxiety disorders.

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Ten of the Best Podcasts for Kids

Podcasts are great because you get a new episode every week, or month, so there is always something new to listen to. Plus they cover such a broad range of topics and interests so you can find something for everyone. They are a great way to build on your child’s interests and expose them to different ideas and topics for loads of learning opportunities. Plus they are just plain fun!

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Quality Time and 100 Easy Kid Date Ideas

Quality Time With -- 100 Kids Easy Kid Date Ideas Looking for great ways to connect with your kids and fulfill their need for quality time? Look no further -- here are 100 ideas for you.

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Holiday and Summer Break Screen Time Rules for Kids

Holiday and Summer Rules for Screen Time, Free Printable, Manage screen time for kids, Setting Screen Time Limits, Get Kids interested in fun activities.

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