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Timbuktu, Mali -- This mosque is the largest mud building in the world. Every year, after the rainy season and as part of a celebration, residents get together to reapply mud to the outside. Because it is the nature of the material to wash away in the rain, there is constant upkeep.

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Timbuktu Mali, one of the greatest cities of antiquity. This was a center of scholarship, and a trade hub with access to the Niger River, and across the Sahara to Morocco.

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Mali Timboektoe Een Toeareg Vrouw Met zilveren sieraden Dances Terwijl ...

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Africa | "Blue man". Desert region just outside of Timbuktu, Mali | ©John Paskey.

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Africa | "On Her Head .... A Very Large Clay Pot". Timbuktu, Mali | ©**El-Len**, via flickr

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R=Religions-90% of the religion is Muslim, 5% is Christian and 5% is traditional African religion.

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