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A woman’s abs are something like magic (46 Photos)

wom·an ˈwo͝omən/Submit noun an adult human female. synonyms: lady, girl, female; More


Scottish blackface sheep, Scotland


A comparison of inflated and concise ways to say common words and phrases. #grammarmatters


Reindeer, Synonyms, Snowmen, Polar Bears, and Trolls... OH MY!!! Amy Lemons does it again with these cute student made reindeer ornaments for parent gifts!


Средство против морщин № 1, которое есть дома у каждого! Больше никакой обвисшей…


Reindeer, Synonyms, Snowmen, Polar Bears, and Trolls... OH MY!!!

teaching Antonyms and Synonyms: Aunt Nym is a rather scatterbrained but lovable personality who always gets the message backwards!  If you ask her to sit down she will undoubtedly stand up.  Ask her to shut the window and you can count on her to open it. Her sister, Syn Nym, on the other hand is a bit of a know-it-all.  No matter what you say to her, she will revise it with slightly different vocabulary.  If you complain that your shoe is too tight, she’ll say snug shoes can be a…

afternoon cortado "find the perfect synonym for your content design" game with le biz partner tight wednesday yo! #startuplife they say yeah? #happy #rainyday #chromeyellowatl #coffee #dailycortado #entrepreneur #womenintech #webdev #codegirlcode #happywednesday #startup #branding

Do this to replace the words "I like it" or "It's good" when critiquing Orange Polka Dots: Anchor Chart Academy