The Javan tiger has been completely eradicated since the 1980’s. Originating from the Indonesian island of Java, these tigers were relatively small in size with the average male weighing just 130 kilograms (Female was around 90 Kilograms). These tigers were destroyed due to heavy hunting and a shrinking jungle habitat (again thanks to ever expanding business and human needs). The Javan tiger population was down to around 24 tigers by the 1950’s and only 12-13 by the mid 1970’s. Despite some…

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Each tiger has its very own stripe pattern. Researchers who observe tigers can identify individuals by their unique stripes.

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Indian tiger population up 6% to c.2,200 say experts but more measures required to maintain delicate ecological balance and future of wild tigers Noting a 6% rise in the tiger population in the country, experts on Tuesday suggested a need for greater flexibility to increase habitat for the feline for their protection. Speaking at the national workshop on monitoring systems for tigers intensive patrolling and ecological status, Y. V. Jhalla, principal scientist of the Wildlife Institute of…

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2017 Starts On A Good Note, As The Population Of Tiger Rises In Terai Region >>. 2017 starts on a good note as the number of tigers in the Terai region of Uttarakhand shows progress.An official stated that it has been the highest rise so far with the figures going up from 79 in 2014 (last census) to at least 119 adults till last year.

Siberian Tigers -is the largest big cat in the world, weighing up to 300 kilograms (660 pounds). Russia’s tiger population had dropped to around 40 individuals by the 1930′s. Since then, the animal has been protected, and its numbers have rebounded to around 500. However, it is still threatened by illegal hunting and habitat loss in the form of logging and development.

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