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Would be so cute to print out and put in a little goody bag for groomsmen

15 Life Hacks & How-To's for Men's Fashion You Need in Your Life

Would be so cute to print out and put in a little goody bag for groomsmen

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If our basic <span style="text-decoration: underline;"><span style="color: #0000ff;">&lt...

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Amazing Way to Tie a Tie: The Eldredge Knot

Love tying a tie for a man.... New way.....someone put a suit on!

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Lorenzo Cana - Italian 100% Silk Tie Turquoise Lightgreen Green Paisley Silver Jacquard Woven Necktie - 36090 LORENZO CANA,

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The Ultimate Suit Wearing Cheat Sheet Every Man Needs

While the Windsor or Four-in-hand knots are the all-time classics of tie knots, The Hudson's Bay suggest taking a look at a few new stylish knots that are sure to turn heads: the Eldredge knot, the Trinity knot and the Cape knot.

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Men’s Style Tips: A Gentleman’s Guide to Tie Width [Infographic]

From skinny to superwide, here's how to properly deploy your neckwear. Courtesy of @birchboxman.

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The Tulip Knot - This knot is from the loose fit range of tie knots. It is one of the most striking looking knots that you can tie and will always attract attention. It’s tied a little bit like the Eldredge, but with the loose bits to give that extra space. in your face and flashy, so where it somewhere where it will fit in. Elton John’s Oscars party perhaps

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Pocket Square, Houndstooth, Onyx

Loving the accessories and stylings from @Suited_Man including their wide selection of floral ties and lapel pins. Get them now at | Follow @suited_man #suitup @suitedmanstyle

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10 Accessories Every Man Should Own

Essentials for every man's closet - three go-to ties that go with almost anything!

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Ultimate Guide To The Bow-Tie

Ultimate Guide To The Bow-Tie | Bow Tie Infographic (via @Antonio Centeno)

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