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I have a wooden antique doll i got when i was seven and i had to hide it in my closet because of this episode

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Doctor Who Creepy Tick Tock Poem> It's not that creepy, more like… i don't know, but if you want creepy then I'll give you a fucking weeping angel

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And I love how it's The Doctor and River Song ay the bottom. It just seems to complete the picture.

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Finally! A post about Reichenbach that doesn't make me want to curl up in a ball and wail.----------Same same.

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demons run-when a good man-goes to war-night will fall-and drown the sun-when a good man goes to war-friendship dies-and true love lies-night will fall-and the dark will rise-when a good man-goes to war-demons run,-but count the cost-the battle's won,-but the child is lost

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Okay guys, I just realized "Tick tock until the day that thou shalt marry me". Time stopped the day River married the Doctor. Time. Stopped. They. Got. Married. This is ridiculous.

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⠀ [August 8, 6:41pm] [fc: 7071] ⠀ I swear I'm doing a 7k post I just can't make…

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Mark Gatiss, you are one creepy dude. I mean seriously. But you're freaking amazing...
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