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7 Tips to Protect Your Kids From Lyme Disease - And Yourself, Too

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Ironic isn’t it? A single elevated PSA value and the medical system goes into a tailspin of immediate treatment and surgery. A tick bite that might cause decades of misery could be ignored “until that bulls eye rash” occurs - even by people who ought to understand the serious consequences. Lyme disease is a bacterial infection

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During any large family gathering, such as Thanksgiving or Christmas, Tasha Tudor roasted a turkey in her antique tin kitchen

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7 Types Of Rashes You Should Never Ignore! These Are The Warning Signs

7 Types Of Rashes You Should Never Ignore! These Are The Warning Signs,What do bed bugs, tick bites and mosquito bites all have in common

Tis' the season!!!Tick and Rash Pictures | What is Lyme Disease?

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