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I know this is a weird thing to pin, but tis the season, so this is what a Lyme infected tick bite rash (erythema migrans) looks like.

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7 Types Of Rashes You Should Never Ignore! These Are The Warning Signs

7 Types Of Rashes You Should Never Ignore! These Are The Warning Signs,What do bed bugs, tick bites and mosquito bites all have in common? For the most part

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Silver Wound Spray with Chelated Silver, Antimicrobial Skin Care Spray for All Small Animals, Dogs, Cats, Horses. Rapid Skin Healing for Hot Spots, Burns, Cuts, Itchy Skin Irritation, Flea or Tick Bites, Rashes, Bacteria Infection, Saddle Sores, Scrapes -- Read more at the image link.

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Tick bite rash. Don’t become a tick-borne illness statistic…like me | The Active Explorer

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Ironic isn’t it? A single elevated PSA value and the medical system goes into a tailspin of immediate treatment and surgery. A tick bite that might cause decades of misery could be ignored “until that bulls eye rash” occurs - even by people who ought to understand the serious consequences. Lyme disease is a bacterial infection

Lyme Disease –Induced Polyradiculopathy Mimicking Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, International Journal of Neuroscience, Informa Healthcare

Homemade Itch Relief for Dogs

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