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7 Scrappy Heroines From Children's Literature

Amelia Bedelia! Loved her when I was little and still do. I read it to my little girl <3

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1960s - FRESCA - (meaning 'fresh' from Spanish), first introduced in the United States in 1966

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Sometimes the first guy to ever hold you, and love you... Is the first one to break your heart. But that doesn't mean every one to follow will.

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A 90's kid thinks of all four Ashley's whenever you hear this word

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50 Things Only '80s Kids Can Understand

Using the library catalog to look for a book and the frustration of not finding…

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1984 Slippers. I am pretty sure I had the Cabbage Patch Kids ones. (I mean really, why would I not have?)

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pronunciation | \dE-‘fen-es-trAt\ #defenestrate, verb, english, origin: french, origin: latin, window, what, there's a word for that, words, otherwordly, other-wordly, definitions, D,

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No joke I've been trying to remember what this show was called forever!!! I remember watching it but no one else does

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