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Throne of Glass series book covers, including Empire of Storms!

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Wait it's coming out in October instead of September that means we have to wait more than a year!

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"Tis I, the bitch of her majesty, queen Aelin Whitehorn Galathynius. Also her husband."

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A Court of Pain and Feels

Woah hey this "friendly" reminder actual doesn't physically pain me!!!

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sweetfinjadrawings: “ “She kept her stare locked on his as she let go of his face and slowly, making sure he understood every step of the way,tilted her head back until her throat was arched and bared before him. “Aelin,” he breathed. Not in...

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irynakhymych: “ Trying to figure out Aelin, she keeps on shifting in my head and won’t sit still . I think she needs some chocolates @sjmaas ”

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Manon Blackbeak by taeray. Heir of Fire. Queen of Shadows. Empire of Storms. Sarah J Maas

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8 Books Like Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas

These books are perfect for readers who loved Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas…

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Omg I finished it!! This took longer than expected but its done. This was actually meant to be part of a bigger painting with the four main girls from eos but Im going to try and do them separately and later join them together. More art coming soon....

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Asterin by SweetFinjaDrawings. Queen of Shadows. Sarah J Maas

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