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Michael Jackson, the King of Pop, is cutting a mean rug with his zombie friends in this still-shot from the "Thriller" music video

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Michael Jackson, 'Thriller' (1984)

One of the best videos ever made. Still kinda freaks me out!!! Michael Jackson, ‘Thriller’ (1984)

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Michael Jackson - Thriller OH.MY.GOSH. when I first heard this song and album I was blown away. I LOVED the creativity and melodies! Still to this day I do the dance when this song comes on.. I have passed on this knowledge to my children.. who can kick some butt on Wii Michael Jackson dance experience... son!

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Michael Jackson's Thriller. 1982. For one of my birthdays my parents actually rented the VHS of Thriller and how the made it. It was really neat. This is still a awesome album.

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It's close to midnight.....<<< somethin evils lurkin through the dark another moonlight..

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