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Image of some of the anterior hip and thigh muscles of the right leg.

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Top 8 Exercises to build the body of a Greek God

Anterior Leg Muscle Anatomy | Top 8 Exercises to build the body of a Greek God |

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5 Tips for Building Muscle!

Muscle Anatomy -- Some really nice terminology definitions as well as anatomical references for the student or therapist looking for a refresher.

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Major Muscles on the Front of the Body

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The Latest On

As an athlete (Yes! YOU are an athlete!) it is wise to know how your body works and what does what. And I totally get in to this stuff :)

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Front Lower Leg Muscles | Let's work our way through some lower limb drills that may relieve ...

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Top 10 Strongest Muscles in The Body


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Uttanasana Standing Forward Bend B e n e f i t s — Stretches the hips, hamstrings, and calves — Strengthens the thighs and knees — Keeps your spine strong and flexible — Reduces stress, anxiety, depression, and fatigue — Calms the mind and soothes the nerves — Relieves tension in the spine, neck, and back — Activates the abdominal muscles — Eases symptoms of menopause, asthma, headaches, and insomnia — Stimulates the kidneys, liver, spleen — Improves digestion — May lower high blood…

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Muscles You’re Using Wrong: Calf Edition The Dance Training Project has great anatomy and muscle retraining posts for applicable to yoga.

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Drawsh: Anatomy More

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