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So often people say they love each other but as soon as one gets angry out comes the list of past sins! This is not love. True godly love forgives and refuses to keep track of personal slights received. Obviously we should not allow people to continue to hurt or abuse us or others. Thats not what 1 Corinthians 13:6 is teaching. The goal is to have a spirit of reconciliation to forgive those who seek forgiveness letting the past stay in the past.

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I love how much they all grew together throughout the years. They are like a big crazy family and I hope they all take good care of each other! ❤

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All of you.

They say on average each person has 7 other people who look exactly like them somewhere on Earth. Today, you meet all seven in an elevator.

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all of our babies will hopefully keep their connections to each other long after they grow up. #3momsto5plus4

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I have always shipped Kirito and Asuna. It frustrates me whenever I see someone who ships him with sinon because he and asuna have been through way more together and Sinon doesn't respect their love for each other. Asuna killed herself for kirito and they would practically do anything for each other. It blows my mind anyone could not love the asuna x kirito ship.

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Aaaaaa i fall in love with them specially when they showing their love to each other and take care each other!!!

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Awww they are!<<<<awww, the husbands. I'm crying<<<same

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Online friends.

Online friends. writing promt Sounds interedtimg

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"The film is structured around these two brothers; you know, they love each other and they hate each other and they need each other and they define each other." - Tom Hiddleston on "Thor: The Dark World"

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