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I'm so proud of both of them. Josh, for facing his anxiety and speaking in front of so many famous people. He is a symbol, one that broadcasts the message that you are you, you can do and should do what you think is right. Tyler, for battling his depression and fighting off his demons. He is an idol to so many, inspiring them to stay alive- not only to survive, but thrive- in their surroundings. They both did things that a few years ago they thought were nearly impossible.

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Kendall Jenner wears racy red lingerie at Victoria's Secret Show

Professional to the end: She remained in model mode as she did her final walk with all of her fellow Victoria's Secret models


Follow the Savior's example of light and love each day in December with this printable calendar for your home. #LightTheWorld

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Real Banana Milk (Concept)

Real Banana Milk Concept packaging design by Dongwook Yoon -


It's easy to get stuck in a rut with specific elements of therapy structure. I have a professor that sees every interaction with a client as part of the therapeutic relationship, and therefore, he interacts intentionally with his clients always, choosing his language and messages carefully based on their therapeutic value.   We don't all view our relationships with our clients in the same way, which means this type of scrutiny may not seem necessary to all of us; however, there is…


Look there she goes that girl is so peculiar./ I wonder if she's feeling well./ With a dreamy far off look./ And her nose stuck in a book. / What a puzzle to the rest of us, is Belle.

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December 2016 Visiting Teaching Message--DOWNLOAD INSTANTLY

These sweet December 2016 Relief Society Visiting Teaching handouts are perfect to give to the sisters you visit to remind them of the message for the month. Combine them with a yummy treat to make them extra special! Copyright watermark will not appear on download. This INSTANT DOWNLOAD includes: 1 jpeg 4x6 file containing the entire message. (This is great to leave if youre not able to make contact in person.) 1 4x6 jpeg file containing the words, Joy comes when we choose to live in…