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FREE!-- This chart contains key themes from the play Macbeth followed by space for students to list three quotations that support each theme. This is a fantastic activity for literature circle discussions as well as a pre-writing activity in preparation for a Macbeth theme essay.

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This FREE PRODUCT by Bespoke ELA contains 145 questions for studying Shakespeare's play Macbeth. The questions are divided into the three different levels of questioning: recall, interpretation & analysis, and synthesis. These questions can serve a variety of uses for your Macbeth unit including: --Reading Checks & Quizzes --Discussion Stems --Essay Prompts With 145 questions in total, your students will be able to go into great depth with their study of Macbeth!

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If Shakespeare Could Tweet: Transforming Literature with iOS by Lawrence Reiff on iBooks

Apple Distinguished Educator Lawrence Reiff modernizes Shakespeare in the high-school classroom with “If Shakespeare Could Tweet.” His lesson helps students understand point of view using apps like iAnnotate and Notability to manipulate original text. Imagine students reducing Hamlet’s “To be, or not to be…” soliloquy to a 140-character tweet! They then move on to using iMovie to create a film, complete with voiceover soundtrack —or they can create a graphic novel using ComicLife.

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Still of Marion Cotillard and Michael Fassbender in Macbeth: Ambição e Guerra (2015)

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Macbeth Topics & Themes ListThe Bespoke ELA Classroom

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An infographic that keeps track of all of Shakespeare's deaths for you

Shakespeare's Tragedies ~ Everybody Dies. And Antigonus cries. This is great! Except Lady Macbeth committed suicide.

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One of the main themes in Macbeth is deception. There is a detachment between appearance and reality. Hypocrisy is everywhere The first scene of the play highlights this. We are introduced to the witches. The quote “Fair is foul…filthy air” portrays that what is ‘fair’ or good or wholesome for humans is ‘foul’ or unwholesome for the witched and vice-versa. ‘Filthy air’, an atmosphere that humans would shun, is the kind that the witches enjoy. Nothing is what it seems.

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