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Thieves Oil

Invented in the 15th century, this oil was created by spice traders who robbed the dead in order to protect themselves against the plague. They'd take it internally and rub the oils all over their bodies. Diffusing Thieves Essential Oil will also kill 99% of airborne bacteria in 12 minutes.

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Thieves Oil Essential Oils Recipe and 5 Common Ways to Use It

Save BIG by blending your own Thieves Oil! Here's the recipe + 5 common uses for this popular germ-fighting essential oils blend.

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DIY Thieves Spray - Learn How to Make Thieves Spray

Thieves oil is a super effective bacteria killer, and can also fight mold, candida, fungus and parasites. Here's an easy way to make your ow...

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50 Uses for Thieves Household Cleaner

50 ways you can use Thieves Household cleaner a toxin free alternative to all those other bottles and sprays.

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Theives-Oil - 6 ways to purify your home naturally, I normally buy a Thieves Oil, but am going to try making it on my own since I use it for EVERYTHING!!!

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Colloidal Silver--The Universal Antibiotic: All about it, how it's made, and why the FDA prefers prescription antibiotics

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