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"I had to find his smile, his innate love of anarchy and chaos. I had to make his pain real. Great villains are born from tragic circumstances. They become dangerous when their vulnerability hardens into vengeance." [Tom Hiddleston on Loki]. Source:


Tom Hiddleston's High-Rise delight. "It was more fun than should conceivably been allowed. I think Ben's (Wheatley, director) tastes, mixed with Ballard's sensibility, creates this amazing range of extremes. Some days it's about sophistication and refinement and an air of mischief and cool - adults behaving badly. And on other days, it's just how far do you dare to go into the heart of darkness?" Link:


"I remember on our second day, I was doing a scene (which appears), like, two-thirds of the way through the film...Things were on fire, the lifts were broken down. I'd been Laing for one day, and I was already having to take a wild stab in the dark of who Laing, at that point, would be. You have to live it... It was more fun than should conceivably been allowed." (Tom Hiddleston) Source: