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The Underground

from Urban Ghosts Media

Exploring the Deserted Tunnels of London's Post Office Railway

London's abandoned underground Post Office Railway - aka Mail Rail.

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Opinion Writing February Underground Railroad Drinking Gourd Black History

Do you study the underground railroad during Black History Month? We read The Drinking Gourd and a few other stories about the underground railroad and Harriet Tubman. This is a great writing assignment to do at the end of the unit. Would you help a slave escape to freedom on the underground railroad?


The Hubbard House was a safehouse for slaves who were looking to gain their freedom through passage of the Underground Railroad. This house was built around 1840 by William and Catherine Hubbard. Located right on Lake Erie, the house was a perfect place to hide slaves for a day or two until conditions were optimum for them to make there way to the beach and onto a boat that would take them to Canada. visit God Bless you William and Catherine Hubbard


Leaders of the Underground Railroad