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The Sugarland Express is a 1974 American drama film starring Goldie Hawn, Ben Johnson, William Atherton, and Michael Sacks. It was directed by Steven Spielberg, in his second feature film as a director.[1] It is about a husband and wife trying to outrun the law and was based on a true story. The event partially took place, the story is partially set, and the movie was partially filmed in Sugar Land, Texas.


Sugarland Express - (SHO) Spielberg's first and Hawn's breakthrough performance. An often funny chase flick. Terrific all around. ****


Loca evasión - The Sugarland Express (1974) | Improvisados Bonnie and Clyde... Steven Spielberg debuta en el cine con esta irregular, y en ocasiones hasta...


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The sugarland express

The Sugarland Express (Blu-ray)

The Sugarland Express [Blu-ray]