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The Stranger Beside Me by Ann Rule. She's one of the best writers of true-crime books. I've read several of her books, and quite liked all of them. This book is the story of serial killer Ted Bundy, and it's truly chilling.


The Stranger Book Study Chris Van Allsburg from SophistThoughts on - (50 pages) - The Stranger Book Study Chris Van Allsburg -- 50 Pages of Activities!


This gentleman is reading “The Stranger Beside Me,” by Ann Rule.  This blog is full of New Yorkers reading real books on the subway. Love it.

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The 50 Coolest Book Covers

YARA - This is another book that doesn’t include many details on its cover, but still tells a lot about the book. The sharp design used reflects the title and how meeting new people could be challenging and cause many conflicts. In addition to that, the contrast in colours forms a neat optical illusion that’s integrated perfectly with the text grabbing the viewers’ attention and making them want to know more.


Complete book on .pdf file @


The Stranger

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L’Étranger (Camus novel). - The Stranger - a French novel by Albert Camus published in 1942. Its theme and outlook are often cited as examples of Camus's philosophy of the absurd and existentialism, though Camus personally rejected the latter label.