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Part I I am in the process of making a star, to go over my bed. It is approximately 4 feet tall. It started with, 5 Christmas paper tubing and 4 sticks. More of straight across and joining 2 of the lower part of the star. The top part, does not have a stick in it tubing. This is paper Mache. You have to cut the newspaper into star arms. It took 6 Sunday news papers. This is just the front of it. It takes several days to dry. Do not rush it.

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From Kubrick to Cowell: Panama Papers expose offshore dealings of the stars | News | The Guardian

Make do mum: Lucky stars - picture tutorial this one appears to me to have better shot angles to see how to fold the star

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news paper stars. This tutorial is ONLY for the pointed stars not the 2 smaller brown zig-zag stars.


The Negro Star was an African-American newspaper created by Hollie T. Sims that ran from 1908 to 1953.[1] Sims founded the paper in Greenwood, Mississippi but moved it to Wichita, Kansas in 1919 as a result of racial hostility.[2]:241 Bringing national news to Wichita, the Star was one of few newspapers that provided African Americans news and access to African-American updates during the early to mid-1900s.File:Negro Star front page Dec 17 1920.png

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Mark this day in your calendars, because today is the day you start demanding more from your bulk copy paper than just a bright white finish.

My boys huge love for Star Wars has turned me into a Star Wars junkie. They asked for a Star Wars tree and well it's hard to find Star Wars ornaments. So I decided to mod podge my own. You can get paper mâché ornaments at the craft store cheap. Then find an old Star Wars book or just news paper. Look up Star Wars silhouettes online and print. Finishing touch is star sparkling pretty glitter. Then there you have it a JEDI Christmas!!

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Silhouette print of Star Wars "The Empire Strikes Back", showing a variety of characters and scenes inspired from the film. Dont forget to view the prints for t