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This is the famous Spencer Tiara that Princess Diana's family owns. Di wore this diamond tiara in many royal occasions, most famously was in her fairytale wedding in 1981.

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Matthew Gray Gubler. Cannot get enough of him, he is more than just a nerd ;) The guy is hilarious in interviews, and has absolutely perfect bone structure! I dieee inside wanting him soo much

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The Spencer Tiara: Though this piece was once said to date from the 18th century, it actually seems to be a combination of pieces of varying ages and from different jewelers that has gone through several changes over time. The center element was a wedding gift from Lady Sarah Spencer to Cynthia, Viscountess Althorp (Diana’s grandmother), in 1919. This piece was remounted by the Goldsmiths & Silversmiths Co. and Garrard was asked to create four matching pieces in 1937 to add on.

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matthew gray gubler. So cute when he plays the piano. Love the episode in criminal minds where he plays the piano with the kid.

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Spencer Reid in Criminal Minds. The short hair suits him much better than the longer shag he has now!!!!!

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toby cavanaugh pll | ... bellisario troian keegan allen toby cavanaugh toby pretty little liars

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Charles Spencer in National Constitution Center Hosts "Diana: A Celebration"

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Criminal Minds has some of the best eye-openers, too. And that's why I love this Psych-filled show so much :D

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