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Washington and Rochambeau at the Siege of Yorktown

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Joan of Arc at the Siege of Orlean

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Jamie Dornan BTS on the set of The Siege at Jadotville

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The siege of Jerusalem ~ Peter Connolly Jewish rebels repeatedly launched assaults against the Romans as they besieged the city, destroying siege equipment and harassing work parties.

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March 1968, Khe Sanh, Vietnam --- Khe Sanh, a remote outpost in Vietnam, faced full-scale siege from the North Vietnamese forces during the Vietnam War until it was finally abandoned to the North Vietnamese, two months after the siege began. -Image by © Christian Simonpietri/Sygma/Corbis

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Joan of Arc at the Siege of Orléans by Jules Eugène Lenepveu, painted 1886–1890

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The kangaroo mascot of the Siege Brigade, 36th Heavy Artillery Brigade, Royal Australian Artillery, wearing a cut down service dress jacket with the Brigade badge on the collar. The kangaroo was presented to the West Australian Section of the Siege Brigade and taken to England and France. He did not survive very long, being affected by the cold of the 1915-1916 winters and was always worried by dogs. The photograph bears the inscription 'The Siege Train Regimental Pet'.

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Roman bicircumvallation. A circumvallation is a line of fortifications, built by the attackers around the besieged fortification facing towards the enemy fort. The resulting fortifications are known as 'lines of circumvallation'. They generally consist of earthen ramparts and entrenchments that encircle the besieged city. The line of circumvallation can be used as a base for launching assaults against the besieged city or for constructing further earthworks closer to the city.

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Page 3 of 3 - In the Shadow of Mighty Wings: Blood Angels Heresy Era Force - posted in + WORKS IN PROGRESS +: Dynameis terminator squad. The vaunted Dynameis formed the shock core of boarding actions of the 33rd assault division sequestered to Belarius command. Specialising in zone mortalis actions, the Dynameis were recorded to have fought in the Sol System at the time of the siege. Infamously the surviving members formed [REDA...

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