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Stagecoach on the Virginia Canyon Road, Yellowstone, 1905.


Shared by Olivia: 1. The game board is always changing so there will NEVER be a game like the last. 2. There isn't just one way to win, so no-one can use the same strategy over and over making them that unbeatable player. 3. This game is just pure awesomeness so I would definitely look into it more if I were you.


The Dutch built a little town on the southern tip of Manhattan Island. It was called New Amsterdam and it flourished by selling skins. The settlers sold otter, beaver, mink and seal skins. However New Amsterdam was a tiny town with only about 1,500 inhabitants in the mid-17th century. However some farmers cultivated the land on Manhattan and at Brooklyn. (The Bowery takes its name from Bouwerie the Dutch word for farm). Photo... new york city in 1776 disembarkation of british troops at new…


Castros de Santa Tecla. Galicia. The settlers of Monte de Santa Tecla established the hill fort culture, of which there are still important remains. It was discovered in 1913, when a road was opened. Circular buildings predominate, although there are also oval and square ones, the latter under Roman influence.


Millennium Series. The Settlers' Tale 63p Stamp (1999) Hummingbird and Superimposed Stylised Face (20th-century migration to Great Britain)