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This is a real honest to god replica of the Sailor Moon dress tha a couple did for their wedding in the Philipines.

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Chibi Sailor Mercury | art by Marco Albiero; from the Sailor Moon Thailand Fanclub Facebook Page

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fenryk: “My piece for the Sailor Moon Tribute Show, Magical Girl Heroines: Sailor Moon and Sailor Senshi! The gallery will take place at Qpop in Little Tokyo on April 5th (this Saturday!) If you’ll be...

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Bosozoku Sailor Scouts Created by Babs Tarr Last day to buy these prints! Available from Etsy Artist: Tumblr - Facebook

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The lovely Miss Dream has provided scans of the Sailor V kanzenbans! As I’ve mentioned before, colored pages from Sailor V’s initial magazine run are exceptionally rare (to the point of being nearly impossible to find) because 1.) Unlike Sailor Moon, which had six in total, Sailor V never received any artbooks (fingers crossed that Naoko will change that!) and 2.) the colored pages were only printed in RunRun magazines in the 90s; RunRun went out of business a long time ago.

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ChibiChibi. She's Sailor Cosmos in disguise (Cosmos and Moon can't be together in the same time-stream, since they are the SAME person). She acts as a guide to Usagi, to help her fight Sailor Galaxia and to avoid the Sailor War.

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