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A multi-layered facade creates extra privacy for the residents of this Tokyo house designed by local firm Satoru Hirota Architects

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The Queen meets with Scottish victims of Storm Frank

The Queen praised the residents of Ballater for their response to severe flooding last December


The “House of Death”, New York - It is reported that 22 of the townhouse's former residents haunt the building - Mark Twain being one of them. Many of the residents died under mysterious causes. It is also cursed, being the home where Joel Steinberg beat his daughter to death on the second floor.


Remember Africville (1991, NFB) In the 1960s, the residents of Africville — a small Black community within the city limits of Halifax, Nova Scotia — were evicted and the buildings were destroyed. The 1991 documentary Remember Africville tells the story of the beseiged community through the words of former residents, their descendants and some of the decision-makers from that dark period in Nova Scotian history.


Parts of the mountain landscape extend into this house in southeast China, which was planned by designer Xu Fu-Min to offer its residents a peaceful retreat from city life.


Triclinium - Villa of Poppaea, Oplontis. The first pyroclastic surge, the same one that killed the residents of Herculanem, also engulfed Oplontis. The villa is believed to have belonged to Poppaea Sabina, the second wife of the Emperor Nero. The oldest part of the house centres round the atrium and dates from the 1st century BC.

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GOP Mailer: We’ll Tell Your Neighbors If You Vote Democratic

The New Mexico Republican Party admits sending fliers to residents warning them that when “Democrats win the election and you didn’t do your part… your neighbors will know.”


09/13/16-ROSENBERG, TX - CRITICAL!! LONGEST RESIDENTS NEEDS OUT NOW!!!! Pets at Ft. Bend Animal Control September 9 at 8:10am · We again want to thank everyone who came out and adopted this past week, and shared our posts. There were 20 dogs on the "URGENT" list, and every single one was adopted or rescued. It has been a very stressful week, worrying about the 20 dogs on the list, and hoping they all got out of the shelter safely. To try and prevent having such a large list, we are going to

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Imber Village

The Ghost village of Imber, Wiltshire #UK. In 1943 the residents of Imber were given just 47 days notice to pack and leave by the British government so that American soldiers could use the village as battle practice before D Day .It is still standing and every Christmas people are allowed back in to worship at the church