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freeman scamander⚡️ on

Ok this has always bugged me. John is a Doctor, a medical Doctor to be specific. He wouldn't have checked for a radial pulse, he'd go for the carotid. If you have a blood pressure less than 120/80 you usually won't feel the pulse out in the extremities. But I suppose it's all just television.

To be perfectly honest, I didn't cry so hard... But still, it was very emotional.

maddykinnns: Reichenbach Feels 😭😭😭 - bekah1218


There’s a man in a flat. He’s all alone. Drinking tea with himself, For nobody’s home. With no shoes on his feet And no hope in his heart, He remembers that day, Looking up at St. Bart’s.>-----DID YOU REALLY NEED TO SAY THAT