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Hey I'm Kai , im in the 3rd (second to last group) along with the nerd to his tough guy, we get along well enough on our own and have known eachother for years, I consider him my brother. Even though my head is almost always stuck in a book don't let that fool you im a fast and agile fighter my weapon of choice is a shortsword or throwing stars, im 17 and part of my job is prying the girls off of David , I guess his dark broodiness attracts quite a few females *chuckles*


Pirate Mouse Ears, We Wants The Redhead - Pirates of the Caribbean Ears, Minnie Mouse Ears, Pirates

Disney Pirates of the Caribbean, We Wants The Redhead - Custom Mouse Ears, Mickey Mouse Ears, Disneyland Ears


The Redhead (Aythya americana) is a medium-sized diving duck. The adult male has a blue bill, a red head and neck, a black breast, and yellow eyes. The adult female has a brown head and body and a darker bluish bill with a black tip. The breeding habitat is marshes and prairie potholes in western North America.


Jessica Chastain Modern Luxury May 2016 Photoshoot

Jessica Chastain, the May 2016, Modern Luxury Magazine. Photographed by Brian Bowen Smith and styled by Elizabeth Stewart.