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We love these too! The Punchline from Rivet and Sway Win 'em on the blog! #rivetandsway


Be The Punchline- Your SETUP is your TALENTS, RESOURCES and OPPORTUNITIES and most of the time we use our SETUP to ensure our audience, the people around us, are moving in a direction that serves us. So the PUNCHLINE occurs when we alter that direction in a way not anticipated by those around us. We use our SETUP, to serve other people. This results in revelation, fulfillment, and JOY, not only for those receiving the PUNCHLINE, but for those who deliver it as well.


geezus, lol...too damn cute! But we're still incompatible, darling. And here's the punchline: You know it!


RORY: Well? LORELAI: Well what? That was the punchline. RORY: "How about that schnitzel." That's the punchline!? LORELAI: Well, no not when you say it like that. RORY: How am I supposed to say it? LORELAI: Like a punchline. RORY: How about that schnitzel!! LORELAI: Forget it.. you ruined my joke. RORY: Um, no.. the punchline your joke. LORELAI: HA! You admit it's a punchline! RORY: Oh my gosh. LORELAI: I am vindicated, 'How about that schnitzel' has officially been declared a punchline…