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the Lamassu. The Lamassu were human headed winged bulls, sometimes with the paws of a lion, which were considered guardian figures to the king.


Otter statue, bronze or copper alloy. 664-30 BCE. In myth otters were attached to the goddess of Lower Egypt, Wadjet, During the Late Period and Ptolemaic times bronze otter statuettes like this were common in her cult centered in Buto, in the northern Delta. The Raised paws signifies the otter's adoration of the sun god when he rises in the morning.


A Regency mahogany cellarette; of sarcophagus form, the legs carved with anthemions to the knee and terminating in lion paw feet. Veneered through out with blister mahogany c.1810 #wine #storage


Antique and magnificent French Charles X clock of Jason and the Golden Fleece in patinated bronze, ormolu and antique vert marble. This is an interpretation of one aspect the well known Greek myth of Jason and the Argonauts. Here he slays the dragon protecting the Golden Fleece. Jason has full armour with sword in hand reaching out for the fleece on the tree branch and standing on the body of the dragon. Massive marble base and set on four large paw feet. The movement is dated 1828.