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HEBREW ISREALITES wake up! The calanders of the World are Pagan they are of the gentiles not of God


The Mystery Of The Pagan Origin Of Christmas: Jesus Was Not Born On December 25th But A Whole Bunch Of Pagan Gods Were. > > > "The Jesus of Nazareth who came forward publicly as the Messiah...and died to give his work its final consecration never existed." - Albert Schweitzer.


Show your pride in your belief, practices & religion. Grab the ribbon and display it on your site. 2017 - On Fire for the Goddess. No link back required, let's put it on every Witchcraft, WIccan and Pagan site on the net.


Viking Hunter Cross Showing a hunter with his dogs and a stag, this 10th century cross is found in Middleton Church in the North Riding Forest of Yorkshire, England, where marauding Vikings reigned in the early medieval period. Although probably intended as a Christian statement, the style adopted, a wheel cross atop a shaft, echoes the symbol for the pagan Norse deity, Odin, which was a cross inside a circle. The stories of Christ and Odin were indeed similar and the two figures were…


Pagan's Motorcycle Club, or simply The Pagans, is a one-percenter outlaw motorcycle gang and an alleged organized crime syndicate formed by Lou Dobkin in 1959 in Prince George's County, Maryland, United States. The club rapidly expanded and by 1965, the Pagans, originally clad in blue denim jackets ...


A cavalry mount in the shape of the pagan god Odin, whose horns are topped with eagle heads. Forged out of bronze. Made in the 6th/7th century for a Saxon horseman in England.Found in Blakeney in North Norfolk, England.


Pagan and Wiccan Prayers for the Dying


As Americans or any other nation of the free world make note: if you abide by the power of your own will, you can achieve your goals. It does not mean things will be easier, but you will win due to you want to do so.