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Marcel is now a bigger Monster than Klaus to me. But unlike Klaus he is now all alone, while Klaus can in his mind think about Hope, Rebekah, Elijah, Kol, Freya and Hayley, and trust that they are safe, and that Hayley will do the right thing.

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[The Originals 3x22 - The Bloody Crown] SHE MADE HIM A BETTER PERSON I'M CRYING ❤️ This episode was so emotional! All the Mikaelson family feels made me cry and the fact that that Klaus sacrificed himself to keep his family alive...okay I'm still too emotional to talk about this, just be prepared for lots of edits from this episode!!! ⠀ Raise your hand if you love Klope ⠀ My edit give credit [#klope#klausmikaelson#hopemikaelson#theoriginals|110.4k]

The Originals Rebekah and Klaus. I cried soooo hard. It's just so sad. But then I got happy because they love each other sibling like and Rebekah is back. Best brother and sister moment ever.


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Klaus Mikaelson: The Originals... I know he is not supposed to be attractive......buuuuut Love it? Follow us for more fandom pins!