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Goatmoon - Crushing the Macabees [600x600]

The Temple Menora and the Last Coins of the Macabees

two miracles of Jewish history; the victory of the Macabees against the Greeks, symbolized by the Menorah, and the founding of the State of Israel, with an Israeli flag flying high in Jerusalem.

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The Macabees. Pelican is one kickass song. You have to, have to listen to these guys

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Lego scene of the Macabees taking back the Temple

Fraternal Antique Mourning / Funeral Regalia -Double Sided - High Ranking Member - The Knights of The Macabees - Rare

Regalia Double,Fraternal Antique,Funeral Regalia,Sided High,Double Sided,The Macabees,Mourning Funeral,Ranking Member,Antique Mourning

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Reno Gazette-Journal, 17 Aug 1912, Sat, Main Edition Mary Buncel attends card party of the Macabees