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13 Adam Hills Rants By On "The Last Leg" That Nailed It

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Gerard after the filming of the Famous Last Words music video where Frank tackles him and hurts his ankle ❤️

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"The last guy got an arrow in the leg before it even started" - Oliver, Curtis and Felicity #Arrow

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“On your last legs” means “to be very tired”. Example: We’d been out walking all day and I was on my last legs when we reached the hotel.

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13 Adam Hills Rants By On "The Last Leg" That Nailed It

When he defended Islam shortly after the Charlie Hebdo attacks in Paris earlier this year. | 13 Times Adam Hills Completely Nailed It On “The Last Leg”

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11 of the bravest dogs in history

Balto was the lead sled dog on the last leg of a famous, life-saving medical delivery to Nome, Alaska, in 1925. There was a serious outbreak of diphtheria in the city, and medical officials needed antitoxins to prevent the upper respiratory tract infection from spreading. The nearest doses were in Anchorage. Officials were forced to rely on dogsleds to deliver the antitoxins because the extreme cold made other modes of transport impossible. The run took seven days.

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cassandrajp: "Emma y Jules de los artificios oscuro (escrito por @CassieClare) Lo siento, no he estado publicando mucho arte últimamente! Estoy en la última etapa de mi viaje para terminar el manga de Miss Peregrine, por lo que la mayor parte de mi energía arte va en esa ....

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Exercises for a steady effective leg - We have all been there.. you just can't seem to get your equitation on point, your losing balance, maybe your even slipping. The core exercises in the last article will definitly help but sometimes your core is fine and it's actually your legs... Perhaps th...

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ASDFGHJKL cutie newtie<< and then u just see Thomas's face near Newt's leg :3

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For you folks who buy old furniture then paint it… really must try this stuff….only a couple of bucks for a 16 oz. can. You mix it (powder) with water to the consistency that you need for your repair. I made mine a little thicker, stuck a few brads, with heads on them, in to the leg (for grip), then molded the leg. I use it instead of wood putty for smaller jobs. It sands beautifully and lasts forever, as you only mix what you need for each job.

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