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i forgot about this movie called the jumper it's hella good very suspenseful very action very romance very funny probably should be studying for finals instead of watching it but whatever

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A peplum jumper is just the thing for spring. With pretty prints in bloom to sweet eyelet on her feet, she's a flower girl from head to toe.

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ToBox — The iconic Jumper Boot by @carminashoemaker. Now...

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A bad day turned into one of my favorites. We went for a walk along the lake (or shall I say on) and watched all of the families & dogs skating on the ice playing hockey. And then a spur of the moment trip to our used sports store to get skates for Lock and I. This mama is in her happy place! Also, I'm so excited to be one of @hatchgal's first brand ambassadors in the #HATCHgal program. I don't think I'm ever going to wear anything other than this cashmere jumper. It's 20 degrees and ke...

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Fence height conversions. Because we don't use meters here but that's still the jumper measurement..

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What Katie Read on

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Turning exercises. good way to slow a fast horse, if they think they will turn tight after a jump they will be less apt to run/bolt after the jump. ride also needs to practice reading the lines well to get the circles perfect.

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I don't ship Remus and Sirius but posting for the awesomeness of the rest of the post <3

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Acne Boy Vintage Straight-Leg Jean

Scandi winter style, acne studios, distressed jeans and fluffy grey jumper with sunnies, effortless scandi style for the cold winter sun

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