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The Joy Luck Club

This is my favorite book and movie. The stories in this movie speak to my life so well. Rent it/Buy it, WATCH IT! This movie represents my social identity.


Let’s Kill Til It’s Dead: The Myth That Mom’s Salary Pays For Childcare, by Ester Bloom. Choice quote: "When we assume women alone should shoulder the price of childcare — which is, by the way, often extravagant — we are saying, as a culture, that women are still and primarily responsible for the home front. That that’s their real job and whatever outside work they do is secondary, disposable, temporary."


Joy Luck Club. I adore this movie! And I think this is the first movie I can say, I'm glad I saw before reading the book. They are very complimentary! I recommend this movie wholeheartedly. Especially for mother/daughter relationships!

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Everyone wants to feel intelligent. We watch Jeopardy!, test ourselves with New York Times crosswords, and check our RSS feeds each day for the news we need to know. Sometimes, we even start to feel pretty smart. But then it happens: Your friend refe