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Sony Mystery Behind George Michael : Illuminati Exposed

Why the Illuminati Targets Black Celebrities : Money is Root of All Evil

Carolyn Hamlett Who Was Born Into The Illuminati - discusses walk-in possessions and the anti-Christ and how the iluminati will use the illusion of goodness light and love to replace the Messiah

No one can shoot themselves in the head 2 times!!! He was Murdered!!!

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The Mother of ALL Conspiracy Videos. Explains ALL things A To Z and it was made in 1967. All its predictions have come true, so far 100%. «…

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The Illuminati Principles, Numbers

OMG. Yeah, because that's how a SECRET SOCIETY operates...with cheat sheets. SMH. Come on people, look up the Illuminati, NOT Hollywood rumor. It's much more boring than the hype. Good grief.

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▶ The Illuminati Plan to Fake the Return of Jesus - YouTube ... project blue beam / operation blue beam

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The US constitution itself was inspired by the FRENCH REVOLUTION, and the ideals of Freemasonry. It enshrined "Liberty", meaning FREEDOM from the YOKE of Christian MORALITY, rules which it attempted to replace with "unalienable rights", a concept originally discussed among the secret meetings of the Illuminati. The Illuminati Created the USA to Advance the NWO…

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