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Sea of Galilee, Israel, The Holy Land, Northern Israel, Travel Israel, Gifts from Israel Pic. October 5th 2016

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For our guests and the members of Club Eden, we provide you with downloadable and printable tourist maps about Israel. Simply click on an image to enlarge it and you can download or print the map as you choose.

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10 must-visit Christian sites in Israel

Thousands of Christians travel to the Holy Land each year to walk in the footsteps of Jesus and discover the land of the Bible. Israel is undeniably the ultimate destination for those seeking to embrace a deeper connection to their faith. The country is full of sites that are significant to both the Old and New Testament, historically and religiously. Noam Matas, general manager of America Israel Travel, offers his list of 10 must-visit sites for Christian tourists in Israel.

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Visit the Holy Land

Jerusalem:The Holy Land where 3 different religions agree to disagree.. I would ♥ to visit this place!

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When the children are grown.... I want to walk were Jesus walked! Visit the Holy Land

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Obama doesn't speak for many Americans.... Only the ones that are deceived by the snares of the devil

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Jordan River, The Holy Land...we saw this...November 2012 with Polk Street Methodist Tour

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As a Christian, I know that the alliance between Christians & Jews is meant to be strong. We need to stand together & stand with Israel!!

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