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Secret Societies Part 1/3. Heirs of the Knights Templar. Who were they? Why all the mystery? Was the Assassin's Creed modelled as a mix of the jealous King Philip IV's persecution of the Templars AND the Assassins of the time (Hashashin)? #conspiracytheories

from Etsy

The Hobbit. Heirs of Durin. Pyrography wooden cutting board


Warrior Woman Winmill: Mistletoe, Mischief, And The Marquis (The Heirs´ Club of Scoundrels) by Amelia Grey.

"Martyr Grigory Rasputin with Martyr Alexei (the heir to the imperial throne, actually canonized in 2000), who was allegedly cured by Rasputin of haemophilia, thereby winning the favor of the Empress)."


"Alexei, the long-awaited heir to the Romanov dynasty was born to Emperor Nicholas II and the Empress Alexandra Fedorovna in 1904. Unfortunately in 1911 the Heir-Tsarevich fell seriously ill, as he had inherited haemophilia from his mother via the line of Queen Victoria. The Emperor gave this egg to Alexandra to commemorate Alexei's recovery. The body and the cover of the Egg is formed from six segments of the finest lapis lazuli, embellished with gold cagework, eagles, hanging Chinoiserie…