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Aragonite cylinder seal; contest scene; in the centre - a bearded, nude hero, with a crested head-dress, holds a bull in each hand (possibly to protect them); to the left - bull-man (in profile) fights rampant lion. A bird in between them; to the right - the bull-man, full faced, fights two lions; an ibex or small goat between them. Terminal an ibex head; slightly chipped at edges. Greenstone cylinder seal; a goddess wearing a striped robe and a multiple-horned head-dress stands with both…

DIVIDE & CONQUER - "I Before E, Except After Budweiser" // Lyric video from Australian popcore punk band Divide & Conquer. Mastered by Steve Nagasaki @ Nagasaki Sound. #punkmastering #masteringstudio #masteringengineer

McClain Sisters - The Great Divide - WITH LYRICS (from "The Secret of the Wings")