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Ten Bible Verses Prosperity Gospel Preachers Need to Stop Misusing... May 9, 2014 - Can you believe your way to health and wealth? Prosperity teachers say yes -- and they misuse these Bible verses to convince millions of ... - Shown: Corrie Mitchell

We have become dangerously comfortable. Believers ooze with wealth and money and let their addictions to comfort and security numb the radical urgency of the gospel. - Francis Chan, Preston Sprinkle, Erasing Hell


Yeshua said, If the flesh came into being because of spirit, it is a marvel, but if spirit came into being because of body, it is a marvel of marvels. Yet I marvel at how this great wealth has come to dwell in this poverty. Gospel of Thomas

from Financial Mentor

The Gospel of Wealth, by Andrew Carnegie, Is a Politically Incorrect Assessment of Wealth in America from One of the Greatest Philanthropists and Industrialists of All Time. Learn from His Experience and Uncommon Wisdom


A Carnegie library is a library built with money donated by Scottish-American businessman and philanthropist Andrew Carnegie. 2,509 Carnegie libraries were built between 1883 and 1929, including some belonging to public and university library systems. 1,689 were built in the United States, 660 in Britain and Ireland, 125 in Canada, and others in Australia, New Zealand, Serbia, the Caribbean, Mauritius and Fiji.