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Billionaires cover - Sara Blakely - In Photos: Meet Sara Blakely

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17 of the Most Sexual Divergent Jokes and Memes You'll Ever See

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PLEDGE TO PLANT – EARTH DAY, APRIL 22, 2015 Be a part of the biggest grass-root effort in history by planting a seed/tree as a “give back” to Earth. It's an old Native American tradition that when you take something from the Earth, you must put something back. Earth Day 2015 will be a global "give back to Earth" event, as an "offering" for all the planet gives us.

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A good preacher once brought to my attention the four actions of the Eucharist: Jesus took, blessed, broke, and gave his Body and his Blood. In turn, Jesus was taken and broken in the violent movements of his Passion. Yet he responded with blessing and giving from the cross. The consecration represents an unholy violence transformed into a blessing for the human race. We celebrate and pledge to participate in this transformation with our lives in every Eucharist.

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Great idea! sounds like a winner to me! and congressional pay suspended till a balanced budget is passed....

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PLS SHARE!!!@Regrann from @lifeisgoodwithdogs - Please PLEDGE TO RESCUE - SWEET #SENIOR BEAGLE NEEDS HELP ASAP Senior #Beagle angel Lady #A1841203 was found wandering the streets, sad and alone, looking for someone to save her life. Although Lady has been neglected in her life, she has so much love to give if only she could be given a second chance at life by one of YOU!!! With TLC in a loving home, Lady will be happy & feeling good again in no time!! Please PLEDGE fo...

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You should never feel the need to hide anything from your spouse. Marriage is a partnership where your every action affects your partner. Lies & deceit break the bonds of honor, integrity, & commitment pledged on your wedding day. Don't give your spouse reasons to lose faith in you and your relationship. Once trust is broken, it's very hard to regain.

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AMERICA-People who want Change should remember that Change will TAKE their right to rant & give their sometimes ludicrous opinions. However stupid we have the RIGHT TO FREE SPEECH. Democrats have been heard saying Conservatives shouldn't have that RIGHT! ( when will they decide YOU'RE NEXT?)

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Homemade Pledge! 2 teaspoons olive oil (will leave your furniture shiny!) 1 teaspoon lemon essential oil or lemon juice (will give it a great scent) 1/4 cup white distilled vinegar (disinfects) 1 3/4 cups of water Shake the bottle and go!

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