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BRIGGS - A1097305 - - Manhattan Please Share:TO BE DESTROYED 11/30/16 volunteer writes: On the day they were handing out first class manners and the stunning looks to match, our Mr. Briggs must have stood in line twice–what a guy! With a host of commands under his belt (come, sit, stay) he’s got everyone at the Care Center singing his well-deserved praises to the skies. His coat shines with good health and those bright eyes don’t miss a thing when we&#8


DIJON - A1098013 - - Manhattan Please Share:TO BE DESTROYED 12/01/16 **AMAZING AVERAGE RATING!** A volunteer writes: My first walk of the day and I’m already in love with this sweet boy. So quiet in his kennel, his inviting soft face is welcoming. He’s leashed easily, and out we go. Sweet and placid on leash, his first stop is taking care of his ‘business’, and we’re off to the park. Dijon is a ‘stop and smell the roses’ kind of a

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The Olsens Open a Furniture Store in LA!


Akris at Paris Spring 2016 “If you do not put Our Lord to the first row in your heart, you will both lose Him and the ones whom you put to the first row.. " Omar


How to make a nice edge stitch. At the beginning of the row, hold the yarn in front (instead of in the back as it usually would be). Insert your needle in the back of the first stitch (knitwise) and slip it (without knitting it). Continue knitting your row as usual. The last stitch is knit normally. Only the first stitch is treated differently. You can use this technique for stockiness or garter.