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The Script - "The Man Who Can't Be Moved" For you... I will wait for you where we first met - this place that was just ours...

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Old Man In The Hat This guy was sitting in the shade outside the Roman ampitheatre in Durresi in Albania. Quite a character..

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I love that we can talk about anything! Thank you for sharing your heart with me! I want you to be able to share your struggles with me always but I hate that you are hurting & confused! I Love YOU so much & miss talking to you terribly..even those nights where you can't keep your eyes open or when you fall asleep on me! :-) I did love listening to U breathe peacefully! Your heart is safe with me! :-*:-*:-* I Love YOU with ALL of Mine!!!!***

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Allen Walker, now 17, stood in the cold rain. His eyes held sadness as he lay his hand over his cursed left eye, his white hair wet and falling in his face. "...Mana....." He whimpered, whipping a tear, "I need to keep walking..." Allen whined again. He heard a shout for his name and turned his head quickly, laying his eyes on the voice which emitted his title. ((D.Gray-Man RP!!! Kanda or Lavi preferred, OCs are excepted as wall as any other character.))

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Hey I'm Kai , im in the 3rd (second to last group) along with the nerd to his tough guy, we get along well enough on our own and have known eachother for years, I consider him my brother. Even though my head is almost always stuck in a book don't let that fool you im a fast and agile fighter my weapon of choice is a shortsword or throwing stars, im 17 and part of my job is prying the girls off of David , I guess his dark broodiness attracts quite a few females *chuckles*

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BEWARE OF THE MAN WHO SPEAKS IN HANDS | Baby Bones Sans, Lil Papyrus, and Gaster | gaster theory: he was a good father to them but eventually his work as the royal scientist corrupted him ... which evidentially lead him to "falling into his creation." he makes some bad choices after being corrupted, hurting sans because of it.

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gas masks used during WWI to stop the chlorine gas and mustarded gas from killing or blinding them

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A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person. I love you

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