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The Dressmaker (Nov 2015) - it was good. Kate's accent is excellent. Good story. Beautifully shot and costumed, funny and quirky yet appropriately depressing in parts (it is an Australian film afterall). The only thing is the age thing; liam hemsworth is clearly too young to be playing a person that kate's character went to school with and since that it kind of key to the story it interferes with the viewing experience. 3.5 stars

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First look at Kate Winslet's film The Dressmaker

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A SECOND image from The Dressmaker has been released

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Kate Winslet, The Dressmaker // Good film, Kate is the best! Loved the humor in this. Hugo Weaving makes great supporting role. Only minus is that Liam Hemsworth is too young to play someone who went school with Tilly (Kate's character).

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Tilly with her mother in the wheel chair, wheeling her through the village after all her isolation because she has had a child out of wedlock. It is Tilly and the father is the towns richest man, married but lecherous and overpowering.

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